Our Artists

Stacie Monday


Stacie Monday is a painter and activist inspired by and focused on the celebration of African American women in her community.

Violeta Miro, June-July 2018

printmaking, drawing, painting, comics

Using drawing, painting, and the structures of multi-panel, comic style narration, Miro explores the characters of Zora and Dallas to work out conflicts where varying identities collide.

Ellie Ivanova, April-May 2018

photography and drawing

Ellie Ivanova is a lens-based artist who uses experimental material photographic processes that privilege the sense of touch in to address themes of memory, home and the self-fashioning of identity.

Laura Davidson, February-March 2018

paper, embroidery, installation

Laura Davidson is an artist and educator living in Dallas, TX. Her Sunset residency project, “Paper Processing,” focuses on reusing discarded paper and unburdening our secrets through the process of art.

Shoshana McIntosh, October-November 2017

movement, video, words

Shoshana explored works of art by three local female artists: Daniela Cruz, Adrienne Lichliter, and Emily Riggert. Spending multiple days with the installations she moves, breathes, writes, pauses, then moves again, in a constant cycle of observation, discovery, wondering, and reflection.

River Jackson-Paton, July-August 2017

found object, sculpture, performance, assemblage, somatics

They practice embodied techniques in art and education creating multi-media expressions (collage, found object assemblages, performance, photography, poetry and somatics) that seeks to integrate nature, culture and self-identity.

Iris Bechtol, March-April 2017

Sculpture and Video

Her current work investigates ecological identity as it relates to the phenomena of temporal existence and constructed memory.

Tina Medina, March-April 2017

Textile, Paper, Sound

Medina’s residency engaged the community in a collaborative, interactive art installation that merged a sense of individual and family history within the city of Dallas and the Oak Cliff neighborhood.

Alli Rogers, February 2017

Social practice and mixed media

Her work as an artist and an educator at the Kimbell Art Museum merges themes of community, play, and co-creation.

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