Violeta Miro, June-July 2018

printmaking, drawing, painting, comics

Violeta Miro is from East Dallas. If she’d lived just at the other end of her street she’d be from Mesquite. She grew up commuting between the seams of these neighborhoods the same way she lived inside the hinge of two cultures in a family of Cuban immigrants and Mississippi transplants. Wearing masks is a thing she’s practiced unwittingly for the better part of thirty years. The mask of White, the mask of Cuban, the mask of the simple country girl as well as the mask of the private-art-school educated.

Using drawing, painting, and the structures of multi-panel, comic style narration, Miro explores the characters of Zora and Dallas to work out conflicts where these varying identities collide.

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Violeta Miro, June-July 2018

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