Elmwood Waterway Clean-up: Found Artifacts | Mapping | Walking

Sunday, Jul 23 · 10:30am


Elmwood Waterway Clean-up: Found Artifacts | Mapping | Walking

Sunday, July 23rd


Elmwood Branch & Sunset Art Studios


Join this 2-hour workshop with Sunset Artist in Residence, River Jackson-Paton.

Participants will explore the value of place and how it shapes who we are through a 30 minute discussion, followed by a guided walk along the Elmwood Branch Waterway, which connects to the Trinity River.

The walk will include guided visualizations, discussion prompts, and encourage travelers to be mindful of their surroundings. We’ll work to beautify our neighborhood by collecting discarded objects and litter while thinking about how this place shapes us.

Anything picked up during the walk will be taken to Sunset Art Studios where River will lead everyone through a session of re-contexualizing, giving new meaning to objects that have been abandoned and discarded. What would have been waste and pollution is transformed into something precious and personal.

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