Neighborhood of the Heart with Ellie Ivanova

Saturday, Apr 21 · 2-4pm


Ellie Ivanova is a Bulgarian-born lens-based artist who currently splits her time between Texas and Italy. She uses experimental material photo processes that privilege the sense of touch to address themes of memory, home and the self-fashioning of identity. She bases her work on her personal experience of displacement and split existence.

Ellie’s work at Sunset will support her future community-based work as a Visiting Artist for May-August at the Dallas Museum of Art Center for Creative Connections.

During her residency at Sunset Art Studios she is working on a series of cyanotypes that combine physical traces of a home, memory and the physical experience related to them.

Join Ellie in creating drawings of current, lost or dream homes on April 21 at Sunset Art Studios from 2-4pm. This afternoon would be great for families, artists, friends, and other community groups to share their love for home.

Drawings from the community will be put together to make a large-scale cyanotype, or blueprint, of an imagined neighborhood, and displayed in a Residency Reception at Sunset on May 12th from 7-9pm.

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