Respond: Puerto Rico

Friday, Nov 10 · 6:30pm


Art Show + Fundraiser

Please join Respond: Puerto Rico and Sunset Arts Studios for an art show and fundraiser for Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. This is the second of various events hosted by Respond: Puerto Rico in Dallas, Texas.

Participating artists:

Sheryl Anaya
Matthieu Cartal
Erik Jacobson
Juan Alberto Negroni
Mariola Rosario

Local organizations and groups that we are supporting in Puerto Rico:
MAOF Materiales y Oficios
Departamento de la Comida y el Fondo de Resiliencia Puerto Rico
Casa Pueblo
Brigada Puerta de Tierra

RESPOND:Puerto Rico is an ecological and sustainable effort by local North Texas Artists of Puerto Rican heritage and otherwise, to provide the people of Puerto Rico options that will last well beyond the current relief efforts to maintain their day-to-day needs. The efforts to rebuild Puerto Rico will last decades. Sustainable long-term solutions are urgently needed. Our fundraising efforts respond to the need to rise from this disaster as well as to contribute to a new type of development based on local resilience and alternative ways of living in accordance with the ecology of the island and the world. Our fund will go directly to community-led and artist-led organizations that have established deep roots on the island before the storm and will continue to be there long after the short-term relief efforts have disappeared.


Support established local working artists and communities that are dedicated to sustainable living on the island
Support the reforestation of the island.
Help and reach out to parts of the island that have not received much aid
Turn fallen trees into rebuilding material
Foster local economy
Support the restart of Puerto Rico’s agriculture and internal food supply.
Support efforts of autonomous renewable energy on the island.


Mariola Rosario- The 35mm film photography of Puerto Rican Artist, Mario La Rosario taken this summer in PR. The pieces will be accompanied by the written responses of the creative writing students at Booker T. Washington HSPVA PTSA. The writings respond to the photographs presented to them during a creative writing workshop facilitated at the school in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

Sheryl Anaya- The 120mm film photography of Puerto Rican Artist, Sheryl Anaya features several projects shot over the last two years during various trips to the island.

Juan Alberto Negroni- The work of Puerto Rican artist, Juan Alberto Negroni fluctuates between painting, printmaking, and installation. He is the current recipient of the 2017 Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’art Dijon Residency Fellowship.

Matthieu Cartal- Multidisciplinary French artist working with illustration and video.

Erik Jacobson- Landscape photography

We are partnering with Beta-Local to distribute the funds.

Beta-Local: a non-profit organization based in Puerto Rico dedicated to supporting and promoting aesthetic thought and practices through various programs including research programs, artist residencies and experimental pedagogical platforms.

Sunset Art Studios: an artist-run, social practice studio and exhibition space in Oak Cliff, TX focused on breaking down barriers to the arts by offering free residency space, affordable studio space, free public programming, and critical dialogue on ethical and sustainable economic models of artistic production and community engagement.

All donations will be handled by Respond: Puerto Rico with the aid of our corporate sponsors.
All donations are tax-exempt and will go directly to long-term relief efforts on the ground.
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