Sleeping Lions Pop-Up Party

Friday, Sep 02 · 7-9pm


Sunset Art Studios is excited to share the work of four wildcats who work in drawing, illustration, imagination, and tongue-in-cheek humor.

We will have a one-night-only pop-up party to feature the work of:

  • Mylan “The Napping Leopard” Nguyen
  • Emily “The Lounging Mountain Lion” Riggert
  • Jessica “The Dozing Ocelot” Sinks
  • Jessica “The Dreaming Cheetah” Trevizo

Prints, drawings, ceramics, and more will all be for sale. Live drawing for donation will be happening from 8-9pm.

Stay wild y’all.


Mylan Nguyen


Emily Riggert

Jessica Sinks

Jessica Sinks


Jessica Trevizo

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