Commonplace by Anna Guillory

Commonplace by Anna Guillory

Saturday, February 10 2018, 6:00pm

at Sunset Art Studios


Using everyday objects and imagery from surrounding natural material which she places into systematic assemblages, Guillory makes work as an ongoing dialogue about autonomy versus togetherness. Her work asks what light can be shed by observing other interconnected parts versus our own connectedness, both in its lacking and luster.

This work is part of a more focused interest in the awareness of patterns and occurrences, those that are natural and those we control – boundaries, commonplace objects, cultural handling of everyday objects – that though so commonplace, could have the potential to stand as a metaphor of our attitude toward life, and what our connectedness looks like versus nature’s.

About the artist

Anna Guillory

My process is drawn largely from an effort to protect and highlight that part of life that reminds us we are always in a constant state of growth, as individuals, and collectively. Often using the natural world as a metaphor towards the human condition, current social climates, and as an offering of overlooked aesthetics and happenings arranged in a new way, my work asks questions of systems, patterns, and orders of the world in an attempt to understand ourselves better, and be reminded of parts of life we all encounter collectively.

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