Finding the Forgotten by River Jackson-Paton

Finding the Forgotten by River Jackson-Paton

Saturday, August 26 2017, 7:00pm

at Sunset Art Studios


Finding the Forgotten is the culmination of the two-month social practice residency of artist and ethnoautobiographer River Jackson-Paton. Integrating nature, culture and self-identity, Jackson-Paton has reclaimed the discarded, thrown away, and overlooked.

Through a series of public events and expressive art objects, they have made connections between the community, local waterways, embodiment practices, and the rejected. By assembling found objects, they have created reflections on how we view our bodies and interact with our environment. Jackson-Paton’s purpose in this residency has been to integrate the shadow in our environment, garbage, and our dis-embodied selves through beauty and play.

Join us in Sunset’s experimental studio space to celebrate this new work.

About the artist

River Jackson-Paton

River Jackson-Paton uses the pronoun ‘they’ both as a non-binary trans* person and as an artist and coach in private practice who prioritizes a multi-dimensional approach to identity. They practice embodied techniques in art and education creating multi-media expressions (collage, found object assemblages, performance, photography, poetry and somatics) that seeks to integrate nature, culture and self-identity.

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