Myth of A Strong Black Woman by Stacie Monday

Myth of A Strong Black Woman by Stacie Monday

Saturday, November 03 2018, 7:00pm

at Sunset Art Studios


Join Sunset Art Studios Fall Artist in Residence, Stacie Monday, for a night of positive affirmations. Visitors are invited to take pictures with signs of positivity. Statements will include "I am not an Angry Black Woman", " My femininity will not be defined by racism", and "I am worthy". Community members are invited to participate in Monday's practice through the photobooth and a collection of flower crowns she constructs.

About the artist

Stacie Monday

Originally from Tulsa, OK, Stacie Monday is a painter and activist inspired by and focused on the celebration of African American women in her community. Her work explores her individual struggles, experiences, and lessons learned as a woman in America. Monday focuses on promoting positive narratives of Black women and paints to change the negative views and stereotypes that they face through storytelling and advocating equitable representation in visual culture.

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