Sunset Solstice

Sunset Solstice

Thursday, January 01 1970, 12:00am

at Sunset Art Studios


Celebrate the longest day of the year with photography! Sunset Solstice will celebrate the summer solstice, June 20th, with a dome camera-obscura, a dark room that projects the outdoors inside. It’s like walking inside of a camera! The Obscura will be set up on the grassy triangle at the intersection of Brunner Ave and Balboa Dr on Saturday, June 18.

Once inside the tent, participants will be able to draw the outdoors in the style of original camera obscura tents, or “drawing tents”. A zine will be available for visitors to take home with instructions for turning interior spaces into their own camera obscuras.

About the artist

An exhibition space and artist studio space in Dallas, TX

This is a Sunset Art Studios project.

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