Ellie Ivanova

April-May 2018

photography, drawing

see her personal site

Ellie's work at Sunset supported her community-based work as a Visiting Artist for May-August at the Dallas Museum of Art Center for Creative Connections.

During her residency at Sunset Art Studios she worked on a series of cyanotypes that combine physical traces of a home, memory and the physical experience related to them. Visitors joined Ellie in creating drawings of current, lost or dream homes on April 21 at Sunset Art Studios from 2-4pm. These were put together to make a large-scale cyanotype drawing of an imagined neighborhood, and shared in a Residency Reception on May 12th from 7-9pm in conjunction with her project The Museum of Home Touch. The pop-up Museum included objects that make a home, contributed by participants from Dallas Fort Worth, that have lost their functional value and have transformed into art. These items help define the personal idea of home of people who may live in different neighborhoods, life paths and worlds. The one-day installation helped bring together our different perceptions of home and visualize a possibility of the merging of this perception.

Ellie's residency was funded through the generous support of the Office of Cultural Affairs Special Support Grant.