Kellie Spano

September-October 2016

photography, video

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Kellie Spano’s artistic practice explores intimacy, beauty and sexuality through a performative lens. During her residency at Sunset Art Studio, Spano developed the first iteration of the Crying Room; a durational performance project investigating vulnerability. For three months the artist invited the public to cry, in private, on camera. Spano’s interests occupy the space of duration, process, and the politics of performance through new media. The artist has exhibited and performed at On the Ground Floor in Los Angeles, Mildred Kemper Lane Museum in St. Louis, The Power Station in Dallas and CICA Museum in South Korea; among others.

Using the studio as a meeting space, Spano interview locals, inviting them into a safe space to express vulnerability. These meetings resulted in a humbling, raw, and often tearful exchange with the artist. Each of these exchanges were recorded, then slowed to a fraction of the speed, and projected in the gallery. The reception for The Crying Room was accompanied by a spoken word performance Catie McLain.