Wide Awake by Shoshana McIntosh

Wide Awake by Shoshana McIntosh

Saturday, November 18 2017, 7:00pm

at Sunset Art Studios


Join Sunset Art Studios for an evening of art, movement, and unpredictable moments of laughter and silence.

What happens when we slow down and spend more time with works of art? How do we connect with works of art? What happens when we want to walk away but we don’t?

These are some questions that Shoshana McIntosh ponders as an art and museum educator. Through her residency at Sunset Art Studios she pondered them through the lens of movement. During the month of October 2017, Shoshana used the studio as a private viewing gallery for movement and looking exploration. The space evolved over the month, hosting three different art installations by local female artists: Alters by Emily Riggert, Eyelids by Adrienne Lichliter, and Untitled from the series It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year by Daniela Cruz. Shoshana engaged with these installations through improvised gestures and dance and then spent time being still, looking, and writing to reflect on all the processes involved.

For this event, the art installations will again grace the studio space! Attendees will be invited to explore these works along with Shoshana, moving, pausing, and breathing. The residency also resulted in a video piece, also titled Wide-Awake which documents Shoshana’s movements and interactions with the works of art.

About the artist

Shoshana McIntosh

Shoshana McIntosh is a dancer, poet, and art educator who lives, works, and studies between Carrollton, Dallas, and Denton TX.

She is working towards her Master in Art Education at the University of North Texas and is currently a Gallery Educator and Program Manager at the Crow Collection of Asian Art. She also teaches yoga and mindfulness workshops.

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