Shoshana McIntosh

October-November 2017

movement, video, words

Shoshana McIntosh is a dancer, poet, and art educator who lives, works, and studies between Carrollton, Dallas, and Denton TX.

She is working towards her Master in Art Education at the University of North Texas and is currently a Gallery Educator and Program Manager at the Crow Collection of Asian Art. She also teaches yoga and mindfulness workshops.

Throughout her life, Shoshana has discovered and rediscovered movement as a way to explore the world around her as well as the world within. Dance, improvisation, and poetry provide an outlet to share these discoveries with others. This practice is highly intimate and reflective. By engaging with a work of art, a word, an event, or the environment, Shoshana explores the image or concept through improvised gestures and dance. Often this practice is then coupled with reflection and writing, the stillness proving to be an equally important part of the work.

Shoshana’s movement exploration informs her work as an art educator. She has developed an Art & Movement training for local art and museum educators, which encourages the use of mindfulness and movement in classrooms or other art settings as a means for students to engage with works of art and the world around them in a meaningful way.

In her residency at Sunset Studios in 2017, Shoshana explored works of art by three local female artists: Daniela Cruz, Adrienne Lichliter, and Emily Riggert. Spending multiple days with the installations she moves, breathes, writes, pauses, then moves again, in a constant cycle of observation, discovery, wondering, and reflection. The residency will result in a video piece presented at the UNT Union Gallery from October 22 – November 4 as well as presented at an interactive community exhibition on November 18 at 7:00 PM at Sunset Art Studios.