Spring Two, 2019

poetry, installation

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Under the alias of Cocoatlicue (co-kwat-lee-kwei), Amy Zapien explores the relationships of time travel, catharsis, magic, and personal narrative to healing. She experiments with visual and performing arts, rituals, soundscapes, installations, lighting, and illustration to excavate the ways in which stories are shared. Coco’s artistic process is inspired by her B.A in Anthropology from UNT, rooting her poetry and performance in ethnographic documentation.

She is currently collaborating with the Espinas Collective, Tejana Cosmica, Voicemail and in the past has displayed work at The Houston Lawndale Art Center, The Oak Cliff Cultural Center, and Casa De Locos. As Sunset Arts Studios 2019 summer artist in residence Coco will be experimenting with the idea of poetry as protest and the interconnectedness of our stories in times of such political uncertainty. Additionally she is working with local illustrator and artist Mylan Nguyen on releasing a series of short poems accompanied by Nguyen’s illustrations. You can find her on Instagram, in both the spirit and physical world, or in Pleasant Grove with her dog June.